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Hola if you didn’t see before I said that me and my friend were making a book to give to ATL at the signing we’re going to on the 5th of Feb.
We want to write down people’s URL’s or any personal messages you want to give.
If you want your URL written in the book then reblog or like this, and if…


ok whoever loves all time low and ships jalex, please talk to me I need to fangirl like seriously

  • Crowd chanting: JALEX! JALEX! JALEX!
  • Alex: Don't you dare. He gave me a hand-job once in high school but he was wearing gloves so it doesn't count.

Remember this post?


but if it had AllTimeLow


Whenever I’m on All Time Slash, I just feel like the guys are judging me…


I feel the same way..